In case you missed it, North Face and Reef put a twist on festival season this year and turned the festival weekend into a week long adventure of surfing, camping, rock climbing, and desert dance parties.  We put together a survival kit for Just Passing Through and exploring new places, trying new things, and sometimes getting schooled whether it’s on the ropes or the dance floor. Checkout our survival kit for the ultimate festival adventure.


1. Amigos up for the adventure.

2. Sandals, surfboard, and wetsuit for stop #1. 

3. Pro North Face climbers to show you the ropes, and a tent for a night of s’mores and camp talk. 

4. Don’t be fooled, the desert gets cold. Opt for the Campforter sleeping bag by North Face.

5. Bring some Reef Voyage Sandals with durable, Vibram outsoles for exploring the desert.

6. Reef Rover Hi Sandals with Reef Swellular technology- bring on the desert heat! From the campgrounds, to the festival, comfort and style that will take you there.

7. Coffee is a must have camping beverage, and the only way to start the day.

8. Rovers with extra traction take you from the boulders to the peaks without slipping or sliding.

9. Head to toe festival essentials: you can’t go wrong in a festive bucket hat and trendy prints.

10. Brunch by Clif. Store up on energy pre-festival.

11. Reef Surfari boardshorts take you poolside.

12. Pool floaties. The most instagrammed festival accessory.

13. Scarf and sunnies provide protection from the desert dust storms.

14. Don’t forget your dancing partner!