Reef Adventure Seeker // Eryn Krouse Escapes to Africa

Eryn Krouse taking a ride in Africa

I heard somewhere that if you do ordinary things, you’ll have ordinary stories.

But what does it mean to be “extraordinary”? Is it breaking out of your comfort zone and going further than you’ve ever dreamed of going? Eventually, all of those places you’ve ever dreamt above become the ground below your feet, and suddenly there’s no place you can’t go.

Eryn Krouse
Eryn Krouse with Reef Escape sandals
Reef Escape sandals

I escape because it opens up my world. It changes my perspective, and I go to new places like a sponge, soaking in my surroundings and learning all that I can…


Beachy blur with Eryn Krouse
Eryn Krouse

Choosing Morocco as my Escape destination was spontaneous and exciting.

I booked last minute tickets, unsure where this journey would lead me, but excited in the pursuit of new tastes, sounds, and feelings… And for me, there’s no better way to become inspired; that’s what Escape is all about.


Eryn Krouse riding a camel in Morocco
Eryn Krouse
Eryn Krouse
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Photos by Chris DeLorenzo