Days can get hectic being a mother of 4. For power house Tahiti Kemper it’s just another day at the beach. Tahiti gives you 4 tips how to own your beach day hands full with energy in return.

1.Snacks!! 4 boys means 8 of everything because as soon as I set up shop at the beach they’re already asking for the 1st round of snacks.

2.sunscreen and shade... unfortunately I don’t get to sit under the shade and chill because my 1 year keeps me busy making sure he stays alive. But the shade is for breaks for the kiddos to recharge.

3. Activities!!! Boards, scoop net, trash bag... keep the kids busy.. and always make time for a beach clean up! I tell My kids that if we want to continue coming we need to take care of our playground so I always bring a trash bag and make it a fun event.

4. A hydro flask of an adult beverage... cause why not? I DESERVE IT.

...Bonus tip. stay comfortable wear reef Cushion Bounce sandals, it’s that simple.