Electric Acid Surfboard Test – Featuring Coco + Mason Ho

Electric Acid Surfboard

The Electric Acid Surfboard Test is Stab's elaborate attempt to demystify the genre known formally as Alternative Surfboards, an acid splash to the tongue of the performance surfboard status quo, wherein we force some of surfing’s most progressive surfers to ride twins, quads,two-plus-ones, single fins, quads, eggs, midlengths, eggs, and more, and wrap their heads around, a colorfully concealed quiver built by a dozen or so of the world’s most celebrated, groundbreaking, winning, obscure, and underappreciated shapers.

This year, we’ve invited Hawaiian Royalty, a sibling surf duo comprising a former Hollywood child star-turned World Tour veteran, and her freakishly prolific freesurf phenom brother: Mason and Coco Ho.

We took surfing’s favorite siblings to the beloved right-hand pointbreaks in Salinas Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico to get lost and found again. Make sure to tune in as episodes drop each week.

This will be a 5-part episodic series released exclusively on Stab Premium, starting on Thursday, June 10th at 7pm PST.

Episode Release Schedule:

  • Episode 1: Thursday, June 10th
  • Episode 2: Thursday, June 17th
  • Episode 3: Thursday, June 24th
  • Episode 4: Tuesday, June 29th
  • Episode 5: Thursday, July 1st