Boho-liday Style // Featuring Fashionistas Dark Mint Daisy and Dancing with Flying Colors

Fashionistas Cathie Rattanakone aka Dark Mint Daisy and Ashley Prybycien aka Dancing with Flying colors put together some style tips for the Holiday season.

Top 3 Holiday Essentials

1. Oversized cardigans and beanies, because ‘tis the season!
2. Reef Walled Collection for extra style points
3. Fiddler Cap to “top” off your kit

Top 3 outlets for style Inspo

1. Inspiration is everywhere: People on the street, store displays, etc.
2. Pinterest- pull together an outfit from lots of different looks
3. Social Media

Top 3 places for Just Passing Through this season

1. Spontaneous trips down the PCH
2. NYC getaway
3. Adventuring around LA

What does Just Passing Through mean to you?

Cathy: To me, Just Passing Through means “to live, adventure and be free.” I love wandering to different places and not having an exact plan of what I’m going to do when I’m there. I just go where my feet take me and explore the different cultures, meet new people, just take in everything that place has to offer. 

What does Just Passing Through mean to you?

Ashley: Just Passing Through to me means you don't really have a destination or ending point; it's all about the adventure, the not-quite-getting-to the destination because there's so much to see in between. The getting lost to be found, the taking the road less traveled, because you never know where it'll take you.