“Big Break” with a dash of Momentum

The Momentum Generation is what most call the surfing era that Taylor Knox and Machado hale from. The 90’s.

This includes the likes of Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Kalani Robb, Ross Williams and many more. During this time, social media and smartphones were a thing of mystical proportions and the coveted print magazine cover was a thing of professional surfing gold. And to grace one would and could catapult one’s career into orbital bliss. These two Reef ambassadors take us through just a couple of those pivotal moments in time. The irony is now we have the pleasure of sharing this on your digital device. Go figure.

Taylor Knox Cover 1

Taylor Knox shares a Surfer Magazine cover shot with guest editor Rob Machado.

Taylor Knox

Taylor Knox shares the Surfer Magazine cover shot that changed his career.

Rob Machado Surfer Magazine cover shot

Rob Machado shares a cover shot in 1997.

Rob Machado talks Taylor Knox Surfer Magazine cover

Rob Machado talks about a Surfer Magazine cover that he selected as a guest editor of his friend Taylor Knox

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