Best of 2017

We’ve had an incredible year at Reef thanks to our rad customers.  It’s been a mashup of experiences, from big adventures and crazy-high stoke, to humbling and even silly moments.


Adventure Moments

We explored 50 national parks and surfed 542 breaks, spanning 55 countries. That includes the life-threatening wave at Jaws thanks to Billy Kemper, our 3-year Pe’ahi finalist.  If our calculations are correct, we’ve had a total of 365 beach days. What can we say, we’re all play, no work.

Adventure moments

Stoked Moments

We taught 326 people how to surf – yes, we might be to blame for heavier than usual crowds in SoCal. We threw an epic pool party… and VICTORIA JUSTICE came. We won SIMA’s Footwear of the Year award and added Mason Ho to our squad! #squadgoals

The Reef team frothed pretty hard this year: Mick Fanning entered the hall of fame. Evan Geiselman made finals at the Annual East Coast Surfing Championship. Billy Kemper won the XXL Ride of the Year and Mikala Jones graduated to legend status by making the cover of iconic Surfer’s Journal. Taylor Knox released a new edit – and Mick Fanning came out to support.

stoked moments

Humbling Moments

We partnered with 18 different organizations, making life changing impact everywhere we went. We built houses, brought inner city kids to the beach for the first time, supplied communities with fresh water, mentored children, cleaned beaches, and donated shoes to the less fortunate. We also donated funds to organizations that are close to our heart, like the ALS O’hana of Hawaii and the Rob Machado foundation.

Humbling moments

Silly Moments

Through it all, we managed to keep the vibes light… We got weird and opened 5,000 beer bottles with the Fanning. We made the biggest Brazilian body beat circle ever recorded (don’t ask). Every week on #TearItUpTuesday, we skipped lunch to hold a super serious “board meeting” at our favorite beach. We even played with a few pups on Fridays, because weekly surf breaks and beer-opening competitions just weren’t quite enough.

Silly moments

We took it one moment at a time and the end result was a year we’re proud to look back on. We hope you’ve had an equally incredible year. Share your 2017 moments with us by using #2017reefmoments. Onward to 2018!