We brought the beach to the streets of NYC to show business people, hipsters, tourists, kids, and even dogs that you can kick back and Beach Freely anywhere you go, no matter who you are.

You expect to find certain things in the heart of New York City, like hot dog stands, traffic, yellow cabs and shopping. But what if you turned the corner to find white sand, colorful beach umbrellas, ice pops and flip flops?    


We wanted to prove that anyone, anywhere can Beach Freely by embracing the spirit of freedom and fun found at the beach, so we literally brought the beach to the streets of New York City on June 21.



For an afternoon, the pedestrians of New York City became Reef beachgoers, enjoying the relaxation of a slower-paced lifestyle in the middle of the bustling city. The beach didn’t care who you were, why you came, or where you had been, so long as you let the good times roll.