Bottoms Up!


Mick Fanning, 3 x World Surfing Champion, talks through starting a Beer company with friends.


What inspired you to start a beer company?

It was actually Bede who just asked me one day if I’d be into it. Wasn’t a hard decision really haha 


Tell us 3 things to consider starting your own company? And or maybe some advice or things you have learned?

 Firstly you must believe in the idea and people that you trust should as well. Then it’s about working with good honest people that aren’t scared to do hard work. Lastly be open minded to criticism. 


How do you view the dynamics starting a company with good friends?

Look it can be hard as you don’t want to mess up and ruin relationships but it makes you work harder because you respect those people and don’t want to let them down. 


Coming to the US anytime soon?

Hopefully one day but at this stage really concentrating on Oz. 


Scale 1-10 how much do you love beer?

Who doesn’t love beer haha