7 Ways You Can Beach Freely in the City


The concrete jungle may not seem like an ideal beach escape on the surface, but you can embrace the freedom and fun of the Beach Freely spirit in the city with these tips.



1. Break your daily routine to relax and destress


We get it, you’re busy—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some time in the day to decompress. At the beach, you can lay in the sand or float in the water to clear your mind. In the city, you can take ten minutes to go on a walk, find a park to take a nap in or even take a yoga class. Just make sure to clear your mind.


2. Include a beachy detail to your outfit


Living far from the beach doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the good beach vibes. Wear a boho hat, summery sundress, your favorite pair of sunglasses, and your most comfortable pair of Reef sandals to bring the beach wherever you go. If you look beachy, odds are you will start to feel beachy.


3. Explore the city with your best friend


Your best friend will help you feel more comfortable in your skin and keep the smiles coming. The beach is all about letting loose and having fun, so if you can’t make it to the beach, find your best friend and let the good times roll.


4. Embrace pet therapy


Dogs get it. They lay around for the vast majority of the day, never get in a bad mood, and are always happy to see you. You could learn something about the Beach Freely way of life from these little fellas.


5. Get some sun


Absorbing some sun may be more important to your mental health than you think. Depriving yourself of that vitamin D could mean a major decline in your mood (ever heard of the winter blues?). Simply going outside and letting the sun kiss your skin is a major step toward embracing the Beach Freely mantra.


6. Enjoy a sweet treat


Whether it be good or bad, sweets make us happy, as they are rooted in all sorts of positive associations. Add a little fun to your day by treating yourself to a sweet treat. We recommend an ice pop for maximum refreshment and Beach Freely vibes.


7. Make sure you’re comfortable, even after a long walk through the city


Blisters, soreness, and discomfort are the perfect way to dampen a perfectly good day, so it’s essential to find the right pair of sandals. Reef Cushion Bounce sandals offer a bounce back technology designed for all day comfort, meaning you can adventure through the city with a literal hop in your step.