Tammin Sursok; Actress from Pretty Little Liars - Daughter Phoenix

1. No one told me how much a mum's self care changes. It took me three years before I took care of myself again. Don’t do what I did. Take time for yourself every day 


Mai Ann Nguyen; Mom to child model Zooey and baby Amelie

3. When going anywhere with a baby, bring both your stroller and a baby carrier so you can switch back and forth.

4. Baby sign is SO helpful and I really recommend all new moms learn the 3 basic signs (more, yummy, finished)

Amanda Dratler; Women's and Kid's sandal manager and mom to two boys, Layton and Knox

5. Appreciate being needed, it will slowly fade one day

6. You will never think of yourself as a single person again

Sita Long; Reef Women's Designer Son and daughter Devynn, Kai

7. You spend 99% of your time feeling like a hot mess and 1% of the time feeling on top of your shit

8. Your heart will be blown open so wide that it is almost unbearable, in the best and worst way possible