7 beaches in 7 days

Beach Freely Challenge

As beach lovers, we are constantly on the search for the best most memorable beach experiences. After daylight savings and the winter chill arrives, it's time to explore warmer coasts. This November, we ventured to the eastern coast of Australia to embrace the beach spirit during their summer season.

The goal of this trip was to beach freely on as many beaches as possible in 8 days. Check out the beaches we checked off our list and some insider tips on what we thought.

7 beaches


1. Choose the beaches that make sense for your version of Beach Freely.

2. Learn to drive on the left side of the road ;)

3. Spend less time in the city, and more time on the sand

4. If you make it up to the Gold Coast, check out Currumbin wildlife sanctuary

5. Aussies live in flip flops, so don't leave home without them

7 beaches

1. Manly Beach, Sydney (Day 1)

After spending a day in the bustling city of Sydney, it was nice to get away to a quiet and secluded beach, lined with lush pine trees. The calm water and open sands made a great place to re-center and relax.


2. Bondi Beach, Sydney (Day 2 +3) Next stop in Sydney, while more touristy, was so vibrant and energetic. The boardwalk was lined with unique and colorful artwork, there are a lot of people sunbathing on the grass or dropping in on the skatepark. On one end, is the famous Bondi Icebergs which also lines up with a beautiful walk the leads to Cogee.

7 beaches

3. Street Beach, Brisbane (Day 4) Just a quick flight north is the city of Brisbane. It's not often you find a beach amidst a sea of skyrises. We spotted this hidden gem while riding the wheel of Brisbane. While, not the most serene beach in Australia it was such a fun surprise and we stumbled upon some great restaurants nearby.

7 beaches

4. Palm Beach, Gold Coast (Day 5) A couple hours south of Brisbane is the Gold Coast. There are some many little beaches along the Gold Coast and we wish we had more time to explore them all. Palm beach was a smaller beach town lined with beach houses. Locals referred to it as the more "LA" of Queensland.

7 beaches

5. Cabarita beach, Gold Coast (Day 6) A couple hour detour on our way to Byron. Mini paradise with very few people and lots of mossy rocks. We sat for an hour just watching the waves crash against the rocks.

7 beaches

6. Byron Beach, Byron Bay (Day 7) This was the first beach stop where we felt transported to surf city. There were a lot of locals or backpackers here but not as many tourists. So many great boutique shops and restaurants to check out, as well as street musicians.

7 beaches

7. The Pass, Byron Bay (Day 7) The final beach on our Australian journey. This is just down the street from the main Byron beach. It's definitely more of a local scene. A really small pocket of beach with a lot of surfers. My favorite was fisherman's lookout point, where you get such a beautiful view of the coastline.

7 beaches