5 hardest forms of adulting by chandler taslitz @realtalkwithchan



Okay, so doing laundry could possibly be one of the most boring tasks that human beings are given in a lifetime and the worst part is, it never ends. That’s why I recommend waiting until you have about 2 weeks of laundry built up, fill up a suitcase, drive that suitcase to your parent’s house, and then just leave it and see what happens; 9 times out of 10 when you come back, it will be done for you. And yes, I know this seems like a cop out. Is that fair to do to your parents.... probably not. However, I am a big believer in Karma and as long as you are ok with your children passing this tradition on to you, then I say go for it!

Reaching tall things in tall places:

Life can be hard, I get it! Now life at 5’2, that can be even harder; especially when you need to reach the olive oil and it’s on the top shelf because your roommate just HAS to store her assortments of nut butters on the lower shelves (Welcome to LA). For this adulting problem, I recommend investing in a relationship with someone over 6 feet. Who knows? You might make a life-long friend, or even find a husband; but, if those two things fail... who cares? At the end of the day it was all about reaching the olive oil in the first place.

9-5 Job:

9-5 jobs, wow! I am going to be honest with you guys...Did I try it? Sure, Kind of. I am not sure working as a restaurant host the summer of your sophomore year in college really counts as a steady 9-5; but, for the sake of the argument we are going to pretend it does. Let’s just say the consistency of a 9-5 was not really my speed. Hence, I decided to create my own version of a “9-5” aka basically trying to laugh for a living, and I will be honest with you, I am a big fan. 

Paying Rent:

Sometimes a girl just needs to go out and get that gel mani/pedi she deserves. Unfortunately, as we all know gel manicure/pedicures are expensive… so what are you going to do, just get traditional polish? Never. Never settle for traditional if in your heart you know you need gel. I hear you saying to me, “Yeah but Chan I need to pay rent” and listen I get it, but this is where I say...time to get creative with how to make extra cash so you don’t get evicted, but your nails also look chic AF. One extra cash website I use is called thread up and they send you a bag to clean out your closet, then you just send it back to them. They sell the clothes they can and the ones they can’t they donate to charity. It’s an easy way to make $50 without having to sell your bone marrow.

But my most important Adulting tip I saved for last!

How to be an adult:

Marry one instead and stay a kid forever.

Kai Otton

Kai Otton