Mitch Crews is a man who does not waste time. In 2014, when he joined the WCT World, he certainly didn’t waste any time in felling some big trees by the names of Julian Wilson, John John Florence, and Kelly Slater.

It’s likely that Crews is making the most at his second chance at a pro surfing career. As a young, aspiring surfer, he was diagnosed with a rare form of chronic arthritis. One doctor went so far as to say his surfing days were over. Despite the set back, Crews underwent treatment with an experimental drug and worked to beat the disease, not only surfing again, but now joining and beating the sport’s most elite competitors.

Crews began 2015 by winning the Scoot Burleigh Pro against some of his most fierce Aussie counterparts. But life isn’t all about competition for Crews, who has become a crucial member of the Reef family and already laid down an amazing performance in Reef’s 2015 release, “Exit.”

Welcome to the Team // Mitch Crews

Reef is proud to announce the addition of Mitch Crews as our newest Global Ambassador.