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Reef Would like to extend a very special thank you to for snapping some images of the first stop of the Anything Sing Premier tour at Le Papagayo. Check out their site for the entire gallery and other amazing moments HERE



The world is filled with distractions. everything around us blinks, rings, sings, shouts, distracts, vibrates, reminds, likes, comments and down- loads. the chaos and beauty of the world is being overshadowed by technological distractions and tweets that possess no lasting significance outside the screen they’re displayed.

Anything sing is our attempt to rise above that chaos by creating our own environments and settings. on different surfaces. new canvases. on concrete. on walls. on water. on arms, with ink. something permanent. Like moments.

Director: Kai neville / WHAT YOUTH







By What Youth "Australia is a series of beautiful things: Every town along the coast has a back beach, which features miles of untouched beachbreak, white sand and blue ramps. In the corner of the back beach is an lighthouse perched high upon a cliff, which then overlooks the back beach and usually a beautiful pointbreak that sits inside the bay. Its utopian surf society. Further in there's usually another beachbreak, a reef break and then a rivermouth that can be doing all sorts of amazing at any time. Pack in a bunch of backpacker girls, a skatepark, health food spots for lunch, bars and bottle shops for afternoon beers and you're killing it. The place can't be beat. Here is a slideshow of some of the fun we had in the rain with the Reef team during our week with Mick Fanning, Nick Rozsa, Paul Fisher and Luke Davis during filming for Anything Sing."



It’s foreign in every sense - the landscape, the people, the way of life so far removed from anything we know. In mystical Morocco, where lives are built into the earth, the Saharan Dunes stop at the foot of the Atlantic. It’s one of the last places on earth to hold such enchanting mystery, from the bustling markets to the enlightened Arabians and the headland poinbreaks that break in presence of little more than the blowing dust blowing off the Middle Atlas Mountains. California boys Ford Archbold, Nick Rozsa, and Luke Davis met up with Aussie Beau Foster and the What Youth Crew for Reef’s new video, “Anything Sing.” The goat herders weren’t the only nomads.