On Location in Tahiti with Lexi our #ReefJunioStylist Winner
On Location in Tahiti with Lexi our #ReefJunioStylist Winner
On Location in Tahiti with Lexi our #ReefJunioStylist Winner

On Location in Tahiti with Lexi our #ReefJunioStylist Winner

Reef // Was this your first time out of the country or have you already spent time traveling and globe trotting?

Lexi // I've been very blessed and have been able to travel quite a bit, but mostly to Central and South America and the Caribbean. Tahiti was a dream, its somewhere I never thought I'd get to travel to and I'm so thrilled I got to experience it.

Reef // What did you think of Tahiti? Was it everything you expected or did it surprise you?

Lexi // I absolutely loved Tahiti! I knew it would be incredible but I was actually very surprised by the little things. I was expecting it to be more like Hawaii because of its proximity and Polynesian influence but surprisingly it had many differences. Tahiti is much quieter, less populated, and although definitely has its roots in South Pacific tradition, is heavily saturated in French culture. I haven't made it to France yet, but from the language to the food to the wine selection in the grocery stores, I definitely got a tropical taste of a destination I've always wanted to visit. Baguettes were served with every meal next to fresh Tuna Sashimi and you always make sure to take your shoes off before entering the house. It just screams French Polynesia!

Reef // Tahiti is such a dreamy destination. What would you advise people to bring if they were packing for paradise?

Lexi // Bikinis! Lots and lots of bikinis :) Its such a fun opportunity to show some skin in your brightest colors, funnest prints and sexiest silhouettes. Also lightweight, breathable clothes are a must as the sun gets incredibly hot in the middle of the day. Sun dresses, cropped tees, high wasted shorts, and maxi skirts are some great staple pieces when traveling to a tropical destination.

Reef // Name three things on your MUST HAVE getaway pack list?


Lexi // Bikini, Sarong, and a good book. Put a fragrant flower behind your ear and you're set for paradise!


Reef // How was working on a photo shoot with the Reef Team? Tell us a little bit about your time with the athletes.


Lexi // It was such a blast.. We had such a talented production crew and all the girls just grew to become sisters, sharing a little bungalow in paradise and surfing and playing dress up every day. Kira is an incredible stylist and had pulled an amazing wardrobe, assisting her was definitely more fun than work. We have really similar style and vision so it was amazing to collaborate with someone on the same creative level. She taught me so many Do's and Don'ts and tricks of the trade, it was a great experience being her right-hand-woman. Paige and Tia were such a dream as well; both super sweet, gorgeous, and incredibly talented surfers. They were both so easy to style, literally every look they tried on was perfection! They were both so natural in and out of the water. Paige was captivating behind the camera and I was so stoked to see Tia, at only 15, get towed in at barreling, overhead Teahupo'o! It was definitely an amazing trip.

Reef // The thing you will miss most about Tahiti.


Lexi // The water. It was the clearest I've ever seen in my life. I've seen some beautiful oceans, of all shades of blue and green and everything in between, but the Tahitian waters are crystal clear. You can see the reef 10-15 ft. below looking as though its right under your feet! When you snorkel the reef, even just right by the shore, its full of sea life. Everything from zebra fish to sea urchins to octopi...its truly another world. Check out the blog for some unreal photos of the island's incredible beauty!


Reef // Where are you off to next / Plans for the summer?


Lexi // Tahiti was just the start for me on a long journey of traveling and adventure! I am currently in Bali, Indonesia for the next month or so, and after that I'm off to Byron Bay, Australia. I'll probably hop over to New Zealand as well and who knows after that! Its really fun shopping in all different places, going into boutiques and seeing whats on trend all over the world. Its also fun seeing different designers creations' in different countries and the influence of the culture on their designs. I'd love at some point to go to Thailand, Laos, and/or Cambodia, not to mention I can't get a Europe trip out of my head! I don't have a ticket home yet so right now I'm just enjoying searching for global immersion and creative inspiration. This world of ours is so incredibly beautiful and I just want to see as much of it as I can!

Reef // Name a few of your favorite summer style trends. What will you be wearing this summer?


Lexi // There are some great things trending right now for summer: black and white, florals, clever prints and fringe!! I will be living in my high wasted cut offs by Wild and Free Hawaii, hand dip dyed and studded they're such a great staple for summer living. I love to pair them with a kimono, bikini top, long necklace, and my favorite accessory: my shell bangles by Puka Kisses. A cool pair of shades are definitely a must for summer, as well as mini dresses, maxi skirts and soft fabric tees.