Going Deeper: Journeyman Jones

Mikala Jones’ bent for capturing POV barrel footage may seem a function of the larger, more recent tendency among surfers to self-document. But a closer look at his pedigree establishes an interest in photography and film from his earliest years. His father, John Jones, a surf photographer from Santa Cruz who raised his family on Oahu, passed his trade on to Mikala. “My dad definitely taught me a lot about composition when I was young,” says Jones. “That got me thinking about how to capture a quality image.” By his early teens Jones was surfing regularly with water-photography maven—and close family friend—Warren Bolster, further honing his understanding of how to shoot from the water. And later, his travel partners—and early POV film adopters—Travis Potter and Timmy Turner continued to blur Jones’ sense of the divide between surfer and cinematographer. Read the full story at Surfer's Journal.