Catching Waves and Catching up // Bruna Schmitz

Catching Waves and Catching up // Bruna Schmitz

Reef - Where is your favorite place to visit in Australia?

Bruna - I love the Gold Coast! It's one of my favorite places to visit. The waters warm and there are good waves and plenty of things to do.

Reef - What did you think of Byron Bay?

Bruna - I've been to Byron a couple of times but never stayed there and I loved it. It's such a cute town and has a super mellow vibe. The first day we arrived there was a farmers market with the best local food and there's endless places to shop!

Reef - What was your favorite part about the trip?

Bruna - Riding the horses on the beach with Alana and Paige! It was the perfect day. It was so special to go riding on an empty beach during sunset. I'll never forget it.

Reef - When you're not surfing or shooting, what did you and the girls do to relax?

Bruna - We would just go walk around town, stop at the cafes and visit all the little shops. All the clothes are so cute and different then what you can find in the US. And when we got tired of shopping we would go sit at a cafe and sip fresh fruit smoothies. On a couple days we also did yoga. That's a great way to relax after a long day of shooting.

Reef - When you travel is there something you always bring with you?

 Bruna - My teddy bear Xexel comes with me where ever I go!!

Reef - Was there one day or moment that stood out to you from all the rest??

Bruna - I really just enjoyed every single moment. Every moment of these trips is equally fun. One day the waves were small so Alana and I went long boarding. It was a beautiful day at the beach and we went tandem surfing. That was really fun!

Reef - What's one thing every tourist should see while visiting Aus ?

Bruna - Go to Nimbin!!! It's a beautiful place.  

Reef - Any recommendations for how to stay safe and burnt free when your out on the beach all day??

Bruna - Yes the sun is really intense in Australia. I would just recommend a load of sunscreen and don't spend the entire day on the beach.. Definitely take some shade and have a break from the sun in between surf sessions. I never left the house without a hat, strong sunscreen, a big bottle of water, and lucas papaws lip balm.