Under Desert Sun

Kepa Acero- "We have been traveling for longer than I want to think about, but we are finally in our own car with the trip back in our hands. We fly down the rugged dirt road, waves taking shape along the coast, we know what we are here for and its beginning to seem like we may get it. We ease our over stuffed mini SUV through the deep sand dunes, finally getting site of the first wave, the wave I have been dreaming of, the wave I spent 40 days unsuccessfully trying to score my first time here, and it is PUMPING!! 4 days of the most arduous travel, and yet in an instant it is all washed away."

Small excerpt from an interview conducted by Swell.com. For the entire interview click HERE

MADISON GAGLIANO-OLSON: You just released your film last week and have been premiering it from San Clemente to NYC. Congrats! It’s rad! Looks like you guys had way too much fun on the trip. Tell me about some of the best times in Angola.
KEVIN VOEGTLIN: There were moments when things finally worked out, like when we got our car and were driving through the desert at night. Then the sun came up as we got to the waves. Kepa was so passionate about surfing this wave and when we pulled up it was pumping. We were all so stoked.

MGO: Did the whole trip line up smoothly or were there some difficult moments?
KV: The entire first four days of getting there was such a mission. I had a whole day in Dubai on a layover. When I finally got to Luanda to meet the guys they took our boards into customs. I don’t think the customs agents have ever seen surfboards. That took forever. When we finally got our bags back, our plane had left without us. Kepa’s friend came and got us and she told us to get on the bus in the morning.
We stayed with Portuguese friends that night but got attacked by mosquitoes in the capital, which is malaria haven. That’s another story! The bus ended up breaking down so we were stuck again. The capital is not somewhere you want to be- it’s a sketchy place for three white guys who don’t know where they are. We sat in a parking lot for five hours waiting for another bus and ended up on a 14 hour bus ride. There was so much anxiety and emotion getting up to that because we knew there was a swell coming and we were having the hardest time getting there. But that bus ride gave us a chance to rest up and we finally got there.