The Old, The Young & The Sea

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A bunch of Austrians embark on a cinematic journey along the main artery of European surfing culture : " The Old , the Young & the Sea" is the first European surf documentary and the film debut of Mario Hainzl and Andreas Jaritz. A vivid portrait of the people and life on the Atlantic coast - full of inspiring stories about the quest for freedom and self-realization.

"The Old, the Young & the Sea" is a vivid documentary road movie about the people and lifestyles of the "European Leg" – the classic European surfing route along the Atlantic coast from southwestern France through northern Spain to the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The film paints a colorful portrait of the European surf culture and ignores at the same time the typical boarders of the genre of the surf movie by taking a glimpse at matters beyond the sporting aspects.

The filmmakers Mario Hainzl and Andreas Jaritz lead the viewer into the heart of a vibrant European coastal culture with diverse personalities and lifestyles: from surfing pros and pioneers to environmentalists and marine biologists to postmodern nomads and dropouts living the legacy of the hippie culture. As different as their personal life stories may be, what unites them is their fascination for the sea and a close, deep relationship to nature. "We do not just show spectacular surf scenes and impressive landscapes. Our film is intended to capture the diversity of European culture and raise awareness of important environmental issues - and lust for travel " says Andreas Jaritz. 

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