Mitch Crews

Mitch Crews

In 2010, a promising young athlete from Queensland, AUS was diagnosed with a rare form of chronic arthritis. One doctor told him he would never surf again.

That’s not the first thing that comes to mind when surf fans think of Mitch Crews, but that was the reality he faced as a young professional. “Crewsy” underwent treatment with an experimental drug and battled back to form. It’s one of surfing’s greatest comeback stories and one that may become legend if Crews stays on his current path. 

Crews finished 2013 with a victory at the Quiksilver Japan Open 4-star, third place at the Prime-rated Mr. Price Pro and SATA Airlines Pro, and a string of super consistent finishes to qualify for the 2014 ASP World Tour. And in his first several events of his rookie year, he downed competitive giants Julian Wilson, John John Florence, and Kelly Slater. Not only did Crews get results on paper, but his infectious demeanor has won over new fans at every stop.

Crews is excited to be part of the Reef Ambassador program and Reef is very excited about his future.

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Mitch Crews
Mitch Crews
Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia