These boots are made for walking… They're also made for wandering, strolling, dancing, drifting, high-tailing it to class or cruising back from the beach, sunlit mornings and breezy summer nights. Full Grain leather in rich shades of tan, grey, chocolate and burgundy feel timeless and effortless. A natural evolution from Reef's much-loved Bella Costas collection utilizing the Reef Dreams quilted footbed, many styles also feature intricate hand-woven textiles from our artisan partners in Guatemala. Four styles, ten colors, countless ways to dress up or down in your new Reef boots.

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REEF is very pleased to announce that Spoe aka Thibaut Paruite has joined the REEF family.

Spoe has earned a reputation for being creative both in and out of the water, working as a graphic designer and artist from his Biarritz base.
Spoe's natural enthusiasm for surfing and creativity make him a very exciting addition to the REEF family, his natural talent and insatiable appetite for surfing make him a perfect addition to the team.

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International Man of Mystery Paul Fisher just unloaded some incredible clips from the Barrier Reef. Have a look for yourself, looks pretty shallow if you as us! #justpassingthrough

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Reef // Was this your first time out of the country or have you already spent time traveling and globe trotting?


Lexi // I've been very blessed and have been able to travel quite a bit, but mostly to Central and South America and the Caribbean. Tahiti was a dream, its somewhere I never thought I'd get to travel to and I'm so thrilled I got to experience it.

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Reef - Where is your favorite place to visit in Australia?

Bruna - I love the Gold Coast! It's one of my favorite places to visit. The waters warm and there are good waves and plenty of things to do.

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