Partnering with Artisans to Build Sustainable Communities Through Sustainable Sourcing
Partnering with Artisans to Build Sustainable Communities Through Sustainable Sourcing

We Heart Collection

The We Heart Collection is an ongoing collaboration between Reef’s design team and talented artisans from developing countries around the world. We purchase their handmade crafts and incorporate them into a special selection of reef product. The We Heart Collection is designed to provide a platform for these artisans to grow their businesses, to build stronger communities, and to share their beautiful crafts with the world.

Handcrafted Batik Fabric From Togo

Growing up in Togo, Africa, women are provided with little opportunity. While living in a small hut with her whole family, Chantal decided to take her fate into her own hands by obtaining a small loan to get a proper education and start a business using the traditional artisan craft of Batik.

With the help of your purchase, you will help women like Chantel continue their amazing work and build better lives for themselves and their families.

These sandals change lives

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Handcrafted Guatemala Fabric/Threads/Beads

In the 1980s civil war ravaged Guatemala. Unable to tell the peaceful from the rebels, the Guatemalan army tore through the highlands killing many innocent Mayan men. In this process, many women lost their husbands leaving them the primary breadwinners for their families. Rather then succumb to fear or desperation, the women started banding together to create craft cooperatives pooling resources and sharing the work. In the tiny village of Chuacruz, the women formed Waqxaqib (place of weaving). This cooperative has now been operating for over three decades passing work from grandmother to mother to daughter. From this heartbreaking beginning, these weavers are a symbol of how far the women have come and how much they have achieved as a group.

Handcrafted Beads from Uganda

Reef has partnered with 31bits, an organization that aids the entrepreneurial spirit of displaced women in Uganda, to create the Ugandal sandal. Reef has pre-purchased the women's handcrafted beads made of recycled magazine paper to adorn the sandal. Wear their Sandal, Share their Story & Give Hope

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