Interview : Catherine Clark

Interview : Catherine Clark

Born and raised in Ventura county, Catherine Clark has grown up surfing the groomed point breaks of Santa Barbara. Her refined style and ability to ride any type of equipment having zero to 4 fins makes Catherine a perfect fit for the diverse Reef team. In addition to surfing, Catherine loves to play guitar, design clothes/jewelry, and work with non-profits to help the world. Check out a little Q & A we did with Catherine!

1. Where does your music inspiration come from?
I have been playing piano for fun and singing my whole life, but I didn't really get into it until I was about 15 when I suffered a lot of heartache. That's when I started playing a lot of guitar and singing. Now I am inspired by the world, by trying to heal wounds in others that I find in myself. I find my inspiration in natural things, in the flow of life, and the ways we seems to fall out of the flow of life. I learn more about myself and my music everyday.

2. Who taught you how to sing? (Mom? Dad?) My mom always sang around the house when I was younger and still does, so I got it from her primarily, but mostly it was a passion I developed on my own.

3. Where is your favorite place you've traveled with Reef? I loved Cabo. We stayed in a really beautiful house with Thalia, Alana and the crew. It was a really fun experience.

4. Name three things you can't live without. My piano, my surfboard and my journal.

5. What is your latest song obsession? Constellation by Waterstrider.

6. Any New Year's resolutions for 2013? Eat healthy, exercise more, meet new people, visit places I've never seen. Finish recording the EP with my new band The Glasskey Hotel. Continue working on songs and hopefully get on some trips with the amazing organization Project Save Our Surf.

7. What are your plans for 2013? (traveling? surfing more? recording songs?) Finishing The Glasskey Hotel EP with my new band. Going to be playing as many shows as possible between trips. Hopefully I'll get some nice surfing in here and there, but music is the focus at this point in time.

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