Reef takes a lot of pride in building a family of ambassadors from all over the globe. That’s why Tia Blanco, who is literally from all over the globe, is such a good fit. Tia was born in Puerto Rico. By her early teens, she’d already lived in Hawaii and several beaches in California. Today, this graceful goofyfooter is a Trestles local. She competes on the Surfing America Team with an ISA World Games Womens Gold Medal under her belt.  Her competitive record includes 2015 NSSA Western Conference and Surfing America USA titles, a win at the Ron Jons Pro Junior.

Tia enjoys a well-rounded lifestyle that includes painting, yoga and a vegan diet. Fitness and womens magazines have used her as an example of a healthy lifestyle. She is currently focusing on making the WSL Womens Tour.

A Short Escape - Tia Blanco

After a long season of travels and shortboard competitions, It was nice to unwind at home and have some fun on my self shaped longboard. I will never forget days like these.