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Taylor Knox’s passion for boardsports almost ended his career before it started. At the age of 15, Knox suffered a devastating back injury while skateboarding. Doctors insisted he would never surf competitively, but after undergoing surgery for a damaged lumbar, Knox defied the harsh sentence by turning to a healthy diet, core fitness training and intense physical therapy.

Knox’s ambition to not only recover, but to come back better than ever, led him to a very successful amateur career as a star of the NSSA National Team. This eventually became one of the most storied careers on the ASP World Championship Tour. After more than two decades, Knox is currently the oldest competitor on tour, where he regularly takes out surfers half his age.

 “The longevity of Taylor Knox’s career is a real testament to his commitment to the sport, and his tireless drive to perform at his most optimal level,” says Reef Men’s Sr. Marketing Manager, Heath Walker.

The Reef/Taylor Knox relationship dates back to 1998, where Knox infamously rode a 52-foot monster at Todos Santos, winning the Reef Big-Wave World Championships. The ride earned him global notoriety when it was awarded the $50,000 prize at the K2 Big-Wave World Championships.

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Taylor Knox
Taylor Knox
Carlsbad, Ca, USA