Central California is a unique place. There are some unique characters. Some of them surf ridiculously well. Not all of them are so well known.

Nick Rozsa was born in the San Fernando Valley, relocated to Oregon, and moved to Maui when he was five. That’s where his father taught him to surf. Rozsa finally settled in the working class surf town of Oxnard, California and grew up under the wing of world-class surfer, Timmy Curran. He absorbed all the important aspects of boosting airs, tube riding, and applying rail.

It didn’t take long to figure out that the kid was gifted. He made a run at the WQS, discovering that following the competition scene wasn’t his thing and eventually, he wasn’t even surfing very much. After some life changes, Rozsa started surfing again for the love of it, and filming.

Unlike before, freesurfing was now a viable career. He re-signed with Reef and with his filming partner, Chris Papeleo, has created SaltyBeards, a hugely popular website featuring Rozsa’s explosive surfing and awareness for the homeless in Ventura County, nominated in 2012 for Best Digital Short at the Surfer Poll Awards. Today, Rozsa is on the radar, a modern, digital surf star with major roles in Reef’s films, “De Passage,” and “Exit.”